“Why starting with a monolith is probably better”

I see a number of businesses on an interim and fractional basis. From a software perspective the teams fall into the following patterns:

We’re all familiar with the concept of delivering value as part of product development, especially in the field of software.

However, the value can often be focused squarely on the customer ignoring other initiatives within the business that can significantly impact customer value or the ability to deliver it. …

Embarking on the micro-services journey can be a little daunting. Lots of people walk into this without a complete understanding of what they’re getting themselves into.

This checklist aims to provide you with a list of considerations before you embark on that journey. …

Why planning the near-future is important

Software architecture is a concept that often misunderstood. Let’s come up with the following

Software architecture is the understanding of a system and the constituent parts defined by a set of qualities.

Why is thinking about software architecture important? Well, take the case of the arrangement of a city and…

Review is an important part of software development, whether that’s asking someone to rubber-duck with you:

Choosing a technology stack (and as part of that the programming language(s) for your product involves consideration of a number of technical and non-technical factors. Some of the non-technical factors are arguably more important than the technical aspects. Let’s start with outlining some definitions of the technical jargon.


Technology Stack

I’m sure there are multiple ways to do this, but this is what I used to get Metabase up and running y’all with Google BigQuery as my reporting database.

GCloud Setup

Make sure you have gcloud setup (developer tools):

and that you’ve done the login, but also that you’ve configured Docker to…

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) role is an important one in a business. But, not everybody needs a CTO and not everyone needs a full-time CTO!

It’s confusing — I get it! Many people confuse a CTO role with a Senior Developer or perhaps a Technical Lead who is more…

Jonathan Holloway

Consulting CTO (Interim/Fractional) — https://www.hwintegral.com

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